About me

Dear Reader, thanks for getting here.

My name is Simone, and I am a postdoctoral researcher at Creighton University, USA. I am one of the physicists of the ALICE Collaboration. The aim of this website is to try and help the community with a bit of the Physics that ALICE is involved with, and to try and explain my little role in it.

My research is all about Ultraperipheral Collisions. Ultraperipheral collisions, in short UPC, are a special class of events which may happen inside the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. A photon (what light is made of) is emitted from either interaction partners and interacts with an object known as Pomeron from the target (the other interaction partner). I am also helping the team I am part of via other means, e.g. not too complex VHDL projects and testing our hardware.

I am also a writer and a science communicator! My physics alter ego is quarktastic on Instagram. Tap that button! I am also author of Become a particle physicist in eight simple moves which was presented at the 24th IPPOG Meeting! You can buy it here in both Italian and English!

If you are more curious, please have a look at this website, I would like to keep it as simple as it can get and for any questions, feel free to mail me at simone.ragoni.94@gmail.com! …