C++ Journey Chapter 1


Coding is an art. It must be cultivated over time. It requires dedication, passion, discipline. However, it is highly rewarding. The joy of seeing your piece od code actually running… Is overwhelming.

The standard procedure is to start with the infamous HELLO WORLD program.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void HelloWorld(){
  cout << "Hello World" << endl;
int main(){

Simply write this piece of code into a file in the Desktop by the name HelloWorld.cpp and you are good to go! Now comes a bit of magic. Open a terminal and go to the Desktop by typing:

cd Desktop

Press enter and you should arrive at the Desktop. At this point you should type:

g++ HelloWorld.cpp

Magic will happen and you should see the comforting printout:

Hello World

Congratulations! This is your (as it was mine) first code…

We still do not know what each word in the code means. This will appear in the latter pages of this documentation.

The next post should be about making our life easier with coding, before delving further… Enjoy this moment of glory, as coding is actually often painful instead… Sigh.