C++ Journey Chapter 2: for a better life


Coding is difficult… And sometimes quite ripetitive too. Let us do a thought experiment.

It certainly has happened to everyone to write something on Google Docs, Microsoft Office or other tools (shoutout to Gedit…!). Typos are a pain. You write a line and the typo appears maliciously. Suppose we make a typo every hundred character. If we write twenty thousand characters… Uuuuuh. We want to avoid that.

In addition, we would like our code to look pleasant to the eye. Thankfully enough, there are plenty of tools to do the heavy work for us… We need a powerful text editor (or even more advanced IDE…)!

My recommendation is using [Atom]{https://atom.io}, developed by GitHub. This comes with a few perks, which are easy GitHub integrations (not interesting for now), being available for Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS,… Well, there are plenty of benefits. And it is easily customisable…

It comes with pretty indentation, code completion, it is beautiful too… Please, try to download it, and I promise it will change your life for the better!!

Nowadays I use it for pretty much everything… E.g. C++, Python scripts, Latex, keeping notes…

With this, we can move to some real C++ coding!