The bonds brought by the lockdown

1 minute read


It certainly doesn’t take a physics degree to see that these are troubled times. We may feel more alone than ever. We may feel more scared than ever. Our typical life is nowhere to be found anymore. I owe an apology for the highly unusual post from what I have always written, but as the uncertainty grows, I felt like I had to somehow step up for the community.

I feel like there is an opportunity also in these times where social life is not a given anymore. It is a time for families to bundle up together. I like to think that in these special times, communication inside the family may grow accordingly, strengthening those bonds that we have always taken for granted. It can be a time for parents to better know their children, to play all together at those old school board games that had somehow slipped away from our lives. It can also be the occasion to laugh, watch movies together, to rediscover something that we have forgotten, or that we simply didn’t give enough relevance to.

My best wishes for a happy Sunday with you families.